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Nanchang Fontainebleau Painting Materials Industrial Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Fontainebleau Painting Materials Industrial Co.,ltd specialize in production and sales of artist brushes, which including watercolor/oil/acrylic/decorative brushes and beauty brushes. They have their own brand- Golden Maple, it had been known as one of the best artist paint brush brand in China. They offer all kinds OEM service, also can help you to create your own brush and brand. Even if you have brush’s data, then they can manufacture it, according to your request to manufacture many different brushes.


  • How Do Different Artist Groups Have Unique Brush Needs?

    Artists come from various backgrounds and have diverse needs based on their mediums, techniques, and personal preferences. Choosing the right paint brush is crucial to achieving the desired effects in their artwork. Here, we delve into the specific requirements of different groups of artists and ...

  • Miniature Painting: An Art Form and How to Choose the Right Brushes?

    Miniature painting is a remarkable art form that combines intricate details with small-scale dimensions.This art requires not only a steady hand and a keen eye but also the right tools.Understanding the essence of miniature painting and knowing how to choose the appropriate brushes can significan...

  • Essential Tips: How To Soften Your Paintbrush?

    Well-maintained paint brushes are essential for any painting enthusiast who values precision and quality. However, over time, even the best paintbrushes will become stiff and less effective. Learning how to soften a paintbrush can extend its life and ensure it performs at its best with every stro...

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    About factory, it had run over 30 years, has rich experience on manufacture artist paint brush.

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    The high product quality and quality management system can make cargo the same with the confirm samples.

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