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Nanchang Fontainebleau Painting Materials Industrial Co., Ltd.

Nanchang Fontainebleau Painting Materials Industrial Co.,ltd specialize in production and sales of artist brushes, which including watercolor/oil/acrylic/decorative brushes and beauty brushes. They have their own brand- Golden Maple, it had been known as one of the best artist paint brush brand in China. They offer all kinds OEM service, also can help you to create your own brush and brand. Even if you have brush’s data, then they can manufacture it, according to your request to manufacture many different brushes.


  • Tips on Oil painting Techniques (一)

    1, oil painting color limit training color selection Oil painting portrait color limiting training is suitable for people: still in the exercise of color recognition; Use color: ivory black, ochre, deep alizarin red, cadmium red, yellow ochre, Napoli yellow, nickel tita...

  • What’s the difference between nylon and animal hair paint brushes??

    Paint brushes are generally nylon, bristle, and Wolf. –Nylon Artist Brush is cleaner and more agile than animal fur. Although it can be easily joined up, sometimes it will have a stiff feeling and poor water absorption. If you use dry paint, use nylon instead of toner or turpentine. –...

  • How does an oil painting work? All 15 oil painting techniques are here!

    An oil painting; A painting in oils is a painting done on canvas, linen, cardboard or wood with quick-drying vegetable oils (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) mixed with pigments. The thinner used in painting is volatile turpentine and dry linseed oil. The paint attached to the picture ha...

About factory
  • About factory

    About factory, it had run over 30 years, has rich experience on manufacture artist paint brush.

  • Guarantee the quality

    The high product quality and quality management system can make cargo the same with the confirm samples.

  • OEM with your brand

    We provide OEM service for importer/wholesaler/retailer. OEM brand print on handle and packing are available.